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Ingram's Petroleum Jelly with Camphor

Ingram's Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Ingram's Petroleum Jelly

What could be better for your skin than petroleum jelly? Petroleum jelly with camphor. And that’s why Ingram’s has specially developed a product that contains both those ingredients. We care about the health of your skin and know that the better your skin feels, the better you feel.

Petroleum jelly is excellent on dry or cracked skin. This skincare product will soothe and moisturise the affected area. Apply Ingram’s Petroleum Jelly after you bath or shower, especially if you use hot water. If the area is particularly dry, also apply the jelly before you go to bed. Of course, you need to use this product regularly for the best results. Incorporate using the petroleum jelly into your daily routine so you never forget. 

Petroleum jelly has many other great uses. If you have ashy or cracked cuticles, massage Ingram’s Petroleum Jelly into the skin at night. You’ll wake up with noticeably smoother hands. You can also use Ingram’s Petroleum Jelly to soothe chapped lips and give them a gloss at the same time. 

Our petroleum jelly with camphor is perfect for dry, cracked and irritable skin, and has been approved by dermatologists. Remember, healthy skin is beautiful skin!