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Ingram's Moisture Plus Triple Glycerine Cream

Ingram's Moisture Plus Triple Glycerine

Triple Glycerine

Ingram's Moisture Plus Triple Glycerine

Ingram’s Moisture Plus is the perfect solution to dry and irritable or cracked skin. This triple glycerine product for skin will leave your body feeling smooth and cared for. This product contains three times the glycerine of normal body creams and is formulated to last for long periods of time. 

If you have a problem with dry skin and certain areas, such as your hands, knees, heels and elbows, start to crack, then using glycerine to care for your skin is a great idea. Ingram’s Moisture Plus treats problem skin like no other body cream. It moisturises and nourishes so you can feel as good as you look. 

Of course, how often you use the cream depends on how dry your skin is. We recommend that you use our triple glycerine cream on a regular basis in order to see the best results. This dermatologically approved product is designed so you can use it every day. Incorporate it into your daily routine so you don’t forget.

The best time to moisturise is after a shower, especially if you use hot water. For particularly dry, cracked or irritable skin, dab the area with our triple glycerine cream and leave it without rubbing it in. Remember, healthy skin is beautiful skin!