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Why we love the women in our lives

Why we love the women in our lives

Why we love the women in our lives

Whether you’re male or female, a child or an adult, you should always appreciate the women in your life. They have a big impact on who we are, what we do and how we see the world. Here are just some of the reasons women are amazing. 

They know how to work hard

It’s no secret that women have had to prove themselves in the working world. Whether it’s as a business executive or a creative, they’ve had to prove they can make it in a “man’s world”. Of course, we know women can rule the working world and there are many amazing females showing people how it’s done. But historically women have had to put a lot more effort into getting their foot in the door and rising in the ranks. 

In some industries women are only now starting to reach an executive level. And the women making their mark in the business world feel it’s their duty to set the stage for young girls entering the workplace.

They know how to nurture

No, not all women want to raise a family or even have pets. But that’s not what we mean by “nurture”. What we mean is that women are often more in touch with their soft side. They understand what they’re feeling and are able to identify other people’s emotions. This means they can easily care for others who are going through a difficult time.

They know how to give good advice

How many times have you made a mistake and thought, “I should have listened to my mother”? We all do it from time to time. Our mothers are often the wisest people we know. From why you should moisturise regularly to how you should behave in a job interview, mothers always seem to know best. That’s because women have a deep understanding of the world and how it works.

Women watch what goes on around them and take in what they see and hear. This means that when they give advice it’s based on personal experience as well as what they’ve witnessed out in the world.

If you look around you, you’ll notice some seriously amazing women in your life. Whether it’s your mother – always there with brilliant advice – or your boss who never fails to get the job done. Beyoncé puts it best: “Who run the world? Girls!