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4 skincare products every person should have in their home

4 skincare products every person should have in their home

When it comes to skincare, you have to be vigilant. If you want to avoid wrinkles, stretch marks, dry and ashy skin or – even worse – skin cancer, you need to ensure you take good care of your skin. However, this isn’t always easy. We live busy lives and forget certain things while we’re rushing to our next appointment or social event.

Which is why you need to ensure you have the right products in your home. It’s a lot easier to remember to moisturise or use sunscreen when you have it in your bathroom or bedroom. If you don’t have what you need when you need it, you may be tempted to wait to replace it until your next shopping trip and you run the risk of forgetting to put it on the list.

Having the right skincare products at hand is incredibly important. You need to be able to grab them at a moment’s notice. So, here are four products you should always have in your home so you don’t forget to use them when you really need them.

Sunscreen with a high SPF

If you spend lots of time outside in the sun without sunscreen, it will damage your skin. While many people believe that the extent of sun damage on the skin is limited to sunburn, that’s definitely not the case. Exposure to the sun without any protection can cause wrinkles, discolouration and spots in certain areas, loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin, as well as other long-term issues. You should also be aware that you don’t need direct sunlight for sun rays to cause damage, the sun can be harmful even during overcast weather.

Which is why you should have sunscreen with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF). In fact, it is actually advisable to have more than one sunscreen in your home. Some products are meant for the body and, while they can be used on the face, it’s always best to have a face cream with a high SPF factor as well. Of course, the SPF you need depends on how fair your skin is.    

Aloe Vera cream

There’s really nothing that can replace the benefits of Aloe Vera cream, especially Ingram’s Aloe Vera cream. If you do forget to wear your sunscreen, Aloe Vera cream replenishes the moisture in your skin and will help your sunburn heal quicker. Of course, the benefits don’t end there. Aloe Vera cream is filled with antioxidants that increase the elasticity and firmness of your skin, which slows down the appearance of ageing. If you suffer from acne, you should definitely keep this cream in your home as it contains hormones that reduce inflammation and encourage cell growth, which means it helps your skin look and feel better.

Aloe Vera cream has many benefits and works wonders on many skin ailments. Which is why you should definitely have this in your home. Whether you suffer from acne or want to get rid of sunburn quickly, it’s always good to have this product at hand.


Washing your face isn’t the only thing you need to be concerned with when it comes to facial skincare. You need to exfoliate as well. Because you don’t have to do this every day, many people ignore the need to exfoliate and think they can do without it. However, this is a mistake. You need to exfoliate in order to get rid of dead skin cells. So many people also mistakenly believe that exfoliating your body is not something you really need to do. However, exfoliating your body is just as important.

How often you exfoliate depends on the type of skin you have. Generally, you should exfoliate once or twice a week. If you have dry skin, make sure you’re using a softer exfoliator made for dry skin.

Dermatologically-tested moisturisers

Moisturising should be part of your daily skincare routine, especially if you have dry and ashy skin. Of course, you shouldn’t simply use any product you find at the grocery store. You should be using a dermatologically-tested moisturiser like, for example, Ingram’s wide range of moisturisers. You need to know that you’re giving your skin the proper care it needs.

You also shouldn’t simply own one moisturiser for your body. You should also have a day cream and night cream for your face. You’ll find that regular use of these products will leave your skin feeling healthy and looking great.