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About Ingram's

For the last 80 years, Ingram’s has been providing South Africans with dermatologically approved quality skincare solutions. Since the very beginning we have been focussed on creating moisturisers that nurture and care for your skin. We truly believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Ingram’s Camphor Cream was first formulated in South Africa in 1937, when Hans Rose, a young German immigrant, arrived at the doorstep of Ingram’s Pharmacy in Johannesburg saying he had the expertise to make anything in the cosmetic field.

Intrigued, Len Tannenbaum, a South African pharmacist, held out his dry, chapped hands and challenged Rose to find an effective treatment. Rose went home and returned early next morning with a pot of glistening white cream. “This will give you soft hands”, Rose proudly announced.

It worked! Tannenbaum was so impressed he set about promoting the product by sending out complementary jars to the Johannesburg Hospital. Nurses started buying the cream and telling their friends about it – and pretty soon, Rose could not work fast enough to produce the cream and so, to keep up with the demand a factory was opened.

Ingram’s Cream has stood the test of time, and decades later it’s available in a range of creams and lotions, all formulated to care for and repair your skin with ingredients like camphor.